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About Su Jok therapy

Su Jok therapy (from the Korean «Su» – hand, «Jok» – foot) is a drug-free method of medical treatment through the energy points and areas corresponding to the body’s organs and systems on the hands, feet and on other parts of the body.

Su Jok therapy has imbibed all the best from traditional medicine of the Orient and has become an example of a new integration science developed by Professor Park Jae Woo.

Su Jok therapy is highly efficient for treatment of most common diseases and its effect on acute and chronic pain is unique.

Su Jok therapy includes a number of therapeutic methods: needling, magnet therapy, light- and color-treatments, mineral and seed therapy, moxibustion, acupuncture and others. The method of intervention is chosen by a physician taking into consideration the individual specific characteristics of the patient.

Su Jok therapy comprises easy-to-use techniques of self- and mutual help, it is indispensable in urgent situations.

Combination of Su Jok therapy with other medical treatments would enhance the total therapeutic effect.

Su Jok therapy has practically no side effects and absolute contraindications.

For more information about the method of Su Jok therapy please see the reference guide of this site.

Su Jok therapy training is provided by Su Jok Academy.

All necessary instruments for professional work (acupuncture Su Jok and corporal needles, Su Jok needle installers, Su Jok massage probes, Su Jok moxas, Su Jok magnetic applicators, massage rings, etc.) might be purchased in our Internet shop .

Su Jok specialists and all who are interested in this effective therapeutic method can exchange contacts in OnLine Su Jok Conference.

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