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About the SUBAL Company

The incredibly fast propagation of the method of Su Jok therapy throughout the world and acknowledgement of it phenomenal results in treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases have caused the necessity to provide Su Jok medical practitioners with all required Su Jok instruments for active practice.  

In 1993, SUBAL company was established, where the production of necessary and, as a rule, unique Su Jok tools was organized on the basis of modern technologies.

At present, SUBAL company does not only provide Su Jok practitioners around the word with all necessary Su Jok tools, but also develops unique projects based on innovative ideas of the originator of Su Jok therapy method Professor Park Jae Woo.

Major activities of our Company:

  • Production of top-quality instruments for acupuncture and Su Jok therapy (corporal needles and microneedles, needle installers, various kinds of massagers, magnetic applicators, tools for warming acupoints (moxas, minimoxas, micromoxas, cigars), training devices, light-pulse devices, etc.)
  • Development and introduction of new instruments for Su Jok therapy, acupuncture, reflexotherapy
  • Realization of instruments (for Su Jok therapy, acupuncture, reflexotherapy), training devices, teaching aids for medical centres, clinics, acupuncture surgeries, training gyms, fitness centres
  • Active support of holding Su Jok training seminars and reading lectures

Our Company’s consulting physicians are always ready to give You professional recommendations on the problems of using tools, materials and devices for Su Jok therapy, to help make the right choice of necessary Su Jok instruments to equip a workplace for a physician-reflexotherapist.

(All products manufactured by the SUBAL Company have been approved and certified by the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation)

We are looking forward to mutual cooperation !

SUBAL Company
179/1, Ljublinskaja Street, Moscow, Russia, 109652
Phone: +7 (495) 347 65 00
Internet: www.sujok-subal.com
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Contact us

179/1 Lublinskaya
109652, Moscow

Phone: +7(495)347-6500
Email: subal@subal.ru