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Ring magnet (large)


Product Weight: 0.0030

Product SKU: SUBAL-72

- In order to sedate or tonify the correspondence and byol-chakras areas two-colour ring-shaped magnets of different size are used.
- The permanent two-colour ring-shaped magnet represents a magnetic ring with a point-contact magnet inside.
- The colour of the ring and the centrally positioned magnet indicates the charge of the opposite side of the permanent two-colour ring magnet (with N standing for white and S - for yellow). To ensure tonification when the functional activity of an organ or body part is decreased, and to deal with chronic disorders the ring magnet is placed with the white magnet in the centre of the yellow ring. For sedation, as the functional activity of an organ or body part is increased, and also for treatment of acute pathologic processes, the ring magnet should be installed with the yellow magnet in the centre of the white ring.
- Once a needle has been inserted into a treatment point, a dispersive or stimulating effect could be added through the use of a magnetic ring .

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         Ring magnet (large)

  • for creating directed energy flow In a correspondence area
  • magnetic force 60 mt
  • diameter of the ring - 17 mm
  • can be used in combination with a needle


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