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Su Jok Needles Ø0,2х8мм(100 pcs)


Product Weight: 0.0060

Product SKU: KB2008

  • For treatment in micro-acupuncture systems
  • Meant for insertion with hand or by injector
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Length of needle 20.5 mm
  • Effective area 8 mm
  • Sterility and shelf-life 3 years
  • Quickly withdrawable out of package
  • 100 pcs (20pcs x 5) in a box

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A needle allows to precisely hit a correspondence point located deep in the tissues and inaccessible for surface stimulators.

A precision-hit correspondence globule would be characteristically felt as a sharp pain once a needle has been inserted - often accompanied by the patient's mobile response. The sensation is quick to pass off, and a needle left during the procedure in the correspondence point causes no trouble at all. If the pain responce is absent, it is indicative of the failure to introduce the needle correctly.

In treatment by Eight Ki, needles are introduced in order to tonify or sedate energies in the points of byol-meridians and byol-chakras.

Each patient should have an individual set of needles.

As a rule, the needles' insertion time would be for 20 to 30 min; however, it is likely to vary with the severity and specific course of an illness.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018
The needle size is 0.2 x 8.0 MM
(0.2 mm diameter, and can be inserted as deep as 8 mm long).
The info is written on the end sides of the package.

Every 10 needles inside a single blister,
and all sharp ends stuck in protective foam.
2 blister on a pack.
5 pack in a box.
Hasnul Saidi
Thursday, 21 April 2016
testing from thoa dao

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